Pregnancy can be a glorious time, but it can also be a confusing time, particularly when it comes to matters of beauty. Hormones throw your usual skin balance out of whack, and a glow on some complexions might be a greasy slick on others. Hair is simply different. And then there’s the more pressing matter of whether the products in your medicine cabinet are safe to use; even seasoned beauty editors find themselves squinting at the complex lists of ingredients, trying to discern which formulas are fair game and which aren’t. And products that may seem harmless on first impression—such as natural skin care—may actually be the opposite: Though it’s less commonly known, some essential oils have potentially risky side effects.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop plugs skincare practice of chanting and praying to products

IN the fascinating world of Gwyneth Paltrow, underwire in bras causes cancer and vaginas are steamed. And now the team at Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop have lifted the lid on another intriguing trend in the organic beauty industry: swish skincare brands are praying to their products. Because you’re worth it.

These Are the Best Green Beauty Products Out There

When you need credible beauty recommendations, you might turn to your favorite bloggers (hai!), YouTubers or in-the-know besties for tips on what products they consider to be so legit. But when it comes to green beauty — a territory which hasn’t been that forged by the mainstream beauty crowd — it can be a little trickier to determine what eco-friendly prods are ruling the scene. Swapping out chemical-laden hair, makeup and skincare products for those that are free of nasty ingredients you can’t even pronounce, let alone want to put on your face (or anywhere else TBH!), is always good in our book, but finding those green products that will turn into tried-and-trues (and maybe even replace your cult faves)— that’s game changing.

Vichy, Murad and Bliss: The best refreshing beauty treats

Dry skin will really show the difference if you add this extra stage to your skincare routine. The silky smooth formula contains ingredients, such as blue agave leaf, botanic extracts and glycerine, to attract water to cells, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of lines. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturiser.

Forget about lengthy skincare routines – you can remove make-up, cleanse and tone skin in one step with this micellar water. This one contains hyaluronic acid to help fight the signs of ageing. Apply liberally to a cotton pad and sweep over the face.